About Us

We are a translation company specialized in the e-learning industry and part of the Idea Translations group.

Our team is comprised of language experts, graphic designers and programmers with wide experience in the various technological platforms, aimed to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to their translation and localization multilingual needs.

We have a wide range of resources, which include the latest and most advanced technology in translation and localization tools (assisted translation software or CAT tools), a careful project management process that comprises several steps and the best professionals with experience in various industries, in order to provide the highest quality in linguistic solutions at the most competitive rates in the industry.

OUR MISSION: to promote the success of our clients in today’s global marketplace, through the optimization of their communications and providing personalized solutions. Idea Translations can make the difference when venturing into a new market. Our localization services will allow you to communicate efficiently and our proven translation process will guarantee the complete satisfaction of your needs, always having in mind your delivery deadlines and budget.